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Resources for Teachers of Statistics


If you teach statistics at any level, from elementary school to graduate school, you will find items of interest in the
Journal of Statistics Education (JSE). Online access to this electronic journal is FREE!


HyperStat online textbook

More online textbooks & software guides at

Hunter Ellinger's textbook page.


This page on SOFTWARE used in statistics courses is being updated. If you have any helpful suggestions, please send them to me.

If you ever taught an elementary course in which the class had no uniform calculator requirement, you might find useful my
instructions for calculating mean and standard deviation on various calculator types:
on TI-25   TI-30   TI-36   TI-80   TI-81   TI-82   TI-83   TI-85/86  Casio fx-9700GE   Casio fx-250HA

Your student uses a graphing calculator. But "I lost the book!"  Backup manuals are here: TI- 83 85 86 89

Modelling on your graphing calculator, but tired of retyping? See instructions for copying models.


Shodor Foundation's probstat tools

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics         Practice with correlations at UIUC.      Bonafide random numbers, courtesy of Fourmilab.

I've used student projects in several courses with a large statistics component. Read the social scientist version, which uses merely descriptive statistics, or the business calculus version, which involves curve fitting. The latter is based on Pollack-Johnson & Borchardt's Mathematical Connections.

I have the students collect their own data, so the projects are all different, which makes grading more of a challenge. A busy grad student of my acquaintance uses a different approach, and her project page is here.

Lots more great links on this page at Grinnell College.


American Statistical Association   Mathematical Association of America   SIGMAA on Statistics Education

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